The Curaçao Tourist Board joins in supporting Curaçao Clean Up

WILLEMSTAD- September 2, 2021 – This September 18, World Cleanup Day 2021, Curaçao will be joining in on this global cleanup effort under the local guidance of Curaçao Clean Up, in a push
towards a cleaner Curaçao—for ourselves and tourists coming to experience our “dushi” island.

The island’s cleanliness is part of the total tourism product offered to each and every visitor who
chooses to come and visit Curaçao. That is why, as the CTB, we would very much like to encourage the local community to get together in groups and participate in the large-scale cleanup effort
coming September 18. Additionally, in the week of September 18, the CTB will be launching an awareness campaign to further support that same cause so that, together, we can bring about a clean
Curaçao for ourselves and our visitors. To participate in the cleanup effort coordinated by Curaçao Clean Up on September 18, please visit . Also, for more
information, please mail your inquiry to