Covid-19 measures

Due to the current COVID-19 corona crisis, social distance is very important during this year’s World Clean Up Day Curacao. Take the following health measures into account:
Please keep a distance of at least 2 meters from other volunteers. Take extra hygiene measures during World Clean Up Day if possible, for example: wear (gardening / working) gloves, use hand sanitizer, wear a face mask. Avoid agglomeration of (your team of) volunteers standing closely together
Since World Clean Up Day Curacao is an open air event that takes place outside (which reduces the risk of contamination), the guidelines above should be enough to join the annual clean up responsibly.

We have checked the measures above with dr Izzy Gerstenbluth. We will closely monitor the situation together with the authorities and will decide last minute if the COVID-19 situation allows World Clean Up Day Curacao to take place.