The Keep It Clean Plan

People world-wide want to change the global waste situation. For us, World Cleanup Day is the beginning of a much wider process. So, we’re working on two big projects with more long-term impacts too – the Keep It Clean Plan, and the World Waste Platform.




Want to help the global movement?

  • What can we do after World Cleanup Day?
  • How can we ensure that we keep the planet clean?
  • What should be done with litter once collected?
  • What are the next most important steps?
  • How do we move towards our goal: minimizing the leakage of resources from circular economy models?


The plan. What and why?

The Keep It Clean Plan is a set of guidelines which tackles exactly these questions. It will state our overall principles and our vision for the management of resources and waste, together with step-by-step solutions and examples of best practice. It will act as a general support document for all communities wanting to improve their waste situation, and who are willing to develop their own local/national/regional strategy.


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Keep it Clean Roadmap    Do’s and Don’ts